Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weekly Rate and Real Estate Update, 11.14.12


Dan’s activity this week:

 Busy week of showing homes to buyers and negotiating sales!

Showed houses Saturday, Sunday, yesterday, tomorrow and this coming Saturday…who says the market slows down in the winter? 

After a few counters my clients and the buyers came to an agreement on the sale of their home!  We have already had the inspection and are now working on the response.  We are trying to hit a December 7th close date, which normally wouldn't be an issue just that there is a two day holiday in the mix. 

Another of my listings has an offer contingent upon the buyer selling their home and it now looks to be moving forward.  The inspection is scheduled in the near future. 

One of my six investor listings received an offer that I think will pan out.  It will be nice to finally get some of those homes moved off his balance sheet this year.  Buyers at that price point just have a hard time getting their financing approved.

Tonight, I’m signing the contract for a new listing!  This is a repeat client and I can’t wait to help them out again.  It’s a great house and is move-in ready.

 Rates for the week
From the IBJ...The average rate for 30-year mortgages was unchanged at 3.57 percent in the week ended Nov. 7, according to The rate for 15-year mortgages fell from 2.89 percent to 2.88 percent.

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