Monday, November 12, 2012

The November "Color of the Month"!

Each month we highlight HGTV's "Color of the Month".  Many of us are looking for ways to make changes around the home and what better way than to use suggestions, pictures, and color input from industry leading pros at HGTV who know homes inside and out!  
Watch monthly as we put our spin on their info and pass it on to you!

What a warm color for any room or any season in the home.  Use it on walls, accents, furniture, and fabrics throughout your home!  As their blogger puts it, "To me, it’s the color equivalent to a warm hug — it’s inviting and welcome in every kind of room, from modern to the most traditional," or "It's like hot chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon!"  
DM Irish can't agree more!

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