Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Voice of the Agent: "A Neighborhood Talks"

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A Neighborhood Talks!

Have you ever found the perfect home only to drive a little further and discover it's in the wrong neighborhood?  Buyers beware!  Not only do you have to weigh the features and resale values of the home you're considering, but you also have to pay attention to many more details within the area, too!

-Are there tons of cars, campers, or boats parked on the streets?
-Are trash cans visible outside of trash collection days?
-Is there an HOA in place to help monitor the value of the neighborhood?
-If you're shopping in July, are Christmas lights still hanging from gutters?
-How are neighbors keeping their lawns with regards to weeds, watering, and landscaping?
-Are there several homes (every neighborhood has "that house") that have loud or offbeat colors of shutters, front door, and trim?
-What's the general upkeep of most of the homes in the area?

I suggest you drive through the neighborhood you're considering multiple times of day in order to get the big picture of what you're buying into.  If you have any reservations, pay attention to that.  Unfortunately, no matter how nice and well kept your home is on the in and outside, a collection of deadbeat neighbors with a lawn, house, and clutter galore can kill your resale value in an instant.  I stand by the saying, "Never buy a home you can't sell."  Be a smart shopper.....a neighborhood talks!

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