Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Trip To Colonial Antiques, Architectural Salvage

One of our all-time favorite places for home goods is Colonial Antiques!  We happened upon this great find several years ago and enjoyed shopping the barns, yards, and shelves of salvaged architectural items from area homes and businesses.  If you enter with an open mind and ability to see the diamond in the rough, you'll realize the value of what's being offered for sale!

Located on the west side of Indianapolis on 96th and Michigan Road, Norm and his wife Amy have been running this business for over 30 years!  Stop in, explore the aisles of doors, light fixtures, door knobs, mantles, and random salvage items in his inventory.  You never know what you'll find!!

On this day, Mindy shopped with her kitchen renovation client for four new (old) light fixtures.
Many great fixtures were found and the collected, antique look was achieved!

Doors, hardware, windows and more.....

In the market for a cast iron tub?  This one dates back to 1910!
Our client actually purchased the middle white door in the background for use on her kitchen pantry!

Norm is very helpful in assisting buyers to search his inventory to match the items on their list.
If you visit, make sure to ask where the items are from, their date of origination, and, of course, the price!  Let us know if you go.....and tell them we sent you!

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