Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making Granite Selections....A Trip to Stone Design of Indy!

Mindy took at trip with her kitchen renovation client to Stone Design of Indy!  The client chose to use granite counters for their natural beauty and ease of use and maintenance.  DM Irish has been using a local granite fabricator and installer by the name of Granite Plan It since 2004.  Their sales rep, Barbara Fisher, Mindy, and the client visited the Stone Design warehouse in downtown Indy to peruse the aisles and find the best match for this kitchen's new look!

(Note: Stone Design is solely a granite retailer. 
A granite fabricator and installer is needed to purchase and install the product.)

Our search begins!  Barbara and the client walk the aisles to explore the options.

The beauty of granite is truly amazing.  These are two extravagant slabs we saw on this visit.  The left side reminded us of a turtle shell and the right side was actually purple....yes, purple!  How cool would that be with flashy, glass back splash tiles in a savvy boutique or hair salon??  You never know what you'll find!

When you narrow down your search and want to get a closer look, call one of the stone operators over and he'll bring your selection to the front!  This video shows the granite slabs being moved around for clients to take a closer look. 
Quite amazing! 

One of our top choices was brought to the front and Barbara talks with the client over the layout options and pricing for this specific slab.  It's not a quick process, but taking the time to find the right color and movement in the stone is well worth the wait!

She knew it when she saw it!  The client loved this slab, known as "Cocoa Beach", from the start.  Our new kitchen is coming together nicely.  The client's existing cabinetry, new 18" floor tiles, new 3"x6" back splash tiles, and a new under mount, black composite sink will be pulled together perfectly with this gorgeous granite centerpiece.  

A visit to the granite warehouse is a DM Irish must when making selections for any kitchen, new or renovated.  Sometimes you'll spend a little more than originally planned, but seeing the entire slab in person is definitely something each client will want to do.  Thanks Barbara of Granite Plan It for assisting us in this part of the process and thank you Stone Design for your granite options and service to help us find the perfect fit!

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