Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Voice of the Agent: "Over Personalizing Your Home.....Hurts!"

We each have our design and decorating style.  Some of us are more talented than others.  As a homeowner you get to paint, decorate, and design the way you want to make it yours, to an extent!  If you plan to stay in your home forever, then have at it!

However, if you plan to resell anytime soon and want to recoup your expenses and maintain your home's value, then make sure NOT to over personalize your home!  Going too far off of what's generally appealing will lower buyers' interests, lead to longer days on the market, and likely result in a much lower final sales amount.

I showed a home recently much like the one pictured above.  The artistic owners had hand painted bright colors and floral designs on the trim work, doors, cabinets, and stair parts throughout the home.  As a result, the home was sitting on the market and was heading into foreclosure because buyers weren't writing offers and the owner needed to sell.

What might be fun and artistic at the moment can hurt your resale value.  It's in your best interest to consult with a Realtor® or interior designer about making wise design decisions before you make too much of an investment of your time and money!

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