Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekly Rate and Real Estate Update, 2.6.13

Rate bump up a bit…

Dan’s activity this week:

The buyers that had the deal fall apart have now decided that they want to sell their current home before buying their next home.  Always a great move so you know exactly how much you can and want to afford moving forward.  So, tonight we sign the listing agreement and Mindy will do her walk-n-talk that is included with my service.

For my seller whose home is now Pending, the inspection is this week.  It should go well...but I’m sure there will be some items to address, there always are.

My new listing that went live yesterday at 11am had a showing last night at 6:30pm!  They have another showing going on as I type.  So that is great news and very encouraging.  Their home fits a niche in the neighborhood that is void right now.  So they are getting noticed!  Hopefully that will sell soon and we’ll be on to buy them their next home.  We’ve been out twice in the last week and I, and they, are getting to know what they really want and what they really don’t want.

Another two listing signed and ready to go live on the next two Tuesday’s and I think I may have another lined up behind those to keep the streak alive (4 for those keeping score)!  Good news is that seller wants to buy his next home, move out and then list it…so here we go again.

Finally, last night, while my listing was having their first showing, I got a call from my mortgage broker with a new buyer lead!  Awesome…talked to them this morning, meeting with them tomorrow and see some homes…they want to buy in the next few weeks!

   Rates for the week
From the IBJ... The average rate for 30-year mortgages rose from 3.66 percent to 3.77 percent in the week ended Jan. 30, according to The rate for 15-year mortgages rose from 2.94 percent to 3.03 percent.

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