Monday, February 11, 2013

DM Irish "Pinspirations"!

This post is a weekly accumulation of design ideas captured on Pinterest.  As we find them, we'll add our design tips on how you might be able to pull this off in your own home.  Stay tuned weekly as we add to this growing list of great finds!

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Use the unexpected to fulfill a purpose in your home.  Wine racks to hold towels, porch swings turned into a bed, or drawers coming out of stairs.  Very unique and easy-to-use design finds on the links below!
Wine racks as a towel holder!

View that pin Here!
View that page of ideas Here!

Wall art can add fun layers to your design!  Not everyone likes to go to the extent and investment {and mess} of wallpaper, but if you can find a way to pull it off to look like wallpaper, why not!  Paint is one of your most simple investments and in time if you are ready for a change, it's not too hard to change it up!
Using any color scheme, this Pin tells you step by step how to do it and turns out a great result!  

If you're like me, you're planning to decorate your home for the winter and create a new look after the holidays.  So what to do? 

In my searches, I'm finding all types of layers!  It's about green, texture, pine cones, white, colorful fruits, name it!  It's that outdoor feeling you get when you step outside and take a deep breath of cool fresh air.  If you could turn that into a visual in your home, it would look very earthy and organic for the winter time.

These Winter Decor Board selections have a lot of great ideas.  Hopefully as you start to decorate for the New Year and give your spaces a new do, something will catch your eye and inspire you for a nice, timely redesign for the winter season!  


Winter Board Here!

Winter Board Here!

Winter Board Here!

The blackboard wall!  We used our first one in our son's room in 2005.  We bought a can of chalkboard paint from Lowes, taped off a rectangle on the wall, let it dry, and by day's end, he was ready to chalk away!

The downside is the dust gets basically everywhere and the chalk can be hard to clean up, but if used in the right spot, it's a great idea!  There are TONS more examples on this link that we found on Pinterest!
This can work on walls in basically any room, doors, cabinets, in picture frames, appliances, you name it!  Chalk away!

What could an old pallet be used for?  This site we found has 35 great uses around the home with recycled pallets!

This is in one of our own kid's bedrooms.  We used 5 pallets per bed.  Spray painted each of them flat black and then used 4 on the base and one on the headboard.  We only put the mattress down and did away with the box springs, but you can choose either way.  The kids love it.  The only down side is that sometimes you accidentally kick the pallet when walking by and that does not feel so good!  Great, near-next-to-nothing cost for sure!  

Add some layers to your home's design by painting and stenciling the backdrop of a bookshelf!

-Measure and cut card board or foam board to the opening sizes
-Paint with your color of choice
-Add a stencil to the top to layer in an additional color and a design
-You could also put wall paper on card board in lieu of paint and have an even more intricate design
-Dry, then insert and decorate
-We like that this is removable and you can change it with the seasons
Read the artist's full blog post HERE with additional how-to's and pictures!

Organization and Storage!  You can never have too much of it!  Use anything from old fruit boxes to ladders to lockers, ball jars and more to get your space organized.  Even taking an open shelf and topping it with baskets to hide and organize your goods is a simple fix.  The picture below demonstrates many great options, but click on this link HERE to get to a Pinterest board with 50+ great ideas!

Easy-to-make Chore Board!
-chalk paint, tape
-shelves, hooks
-picture frames
-monogrammed bags for kids' belongings
-low level for easy access and reading for little ones
-very flexible for future use as a calendar, message center, or brag board for achievements

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