Friday, January 13, 2012

The Voice of the Agent: Prep Now to List Later

Deciding to sell your home involves action for having it primed and ready for the buyer.  The first step would be to have your REALTOR® visit to analyze the property for price and condition and to give you direction on where to focus your time and energy.  Being armed with an update on your home's value and your market's statistics is critical information on getting your home listed at the best price, timing, and condition to make it competitive.

In general, when preparing to list, it's wise to:

1.  Contact your REALTOR® (contact Dan here!)
2.  Get a market analysis of your home's value
3.  Get a "Walk and Talk" from Mindy for project lists
4.  Focus on flooring in all areas of the home.  Buyers love clean and updated!
5.  Clear out the clutter
6.  Paint wall colors to neutral and clean up dirty walls
7.  Give the home a deep clean
8.  Tackle the broken items, missing pieces, and maintenance lists
9.  Walk inside your front door and notice what you see (and smell) in the first 7 seconds.....buyers do!
10.  Sharpen your curb appeal.  If it's great outside, it's likely a nice home inside....and vice versa!

Overall, a buyer will want to buy at the right price if he/she feels you have put the updates and ongoing maintenance into the home over the duration of your ownership.  No one wants to buy a home with a project list attached, unless it's a home in a distressed-sale situation.

These are just basic ideas to get you thinking in the right direction towards listing and selling your home.  More home-specific discussions and evaluations will be made when Dan and Mindy visit your home!

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