Friday, December 30, 2011

The Voice of the Agent: "Patience for the Right Home"

When shopping for a home, not only are you armed with a checklist for what's ideal in your next house, but it helps to grab some patience to go along with that while you shop.  I've seen it take some people over 100 home showings and maybe one year or more to explore existing areas and the housing inventory to figure out where to land.  Focus on what's best for your lifestyle with regards to monthly payment, home layout and size, area school systems, and proximity to where you do life on a daily basis.

While waiting on your home to sell, I can set you up on one of my computer generated, buyer-specific searches so you can get to know the market.  When you see a home that catches your eye, we'll head out to see it!

If your home sold faster than you expected and you're not sure of your fit, consider the option of renting a home until you can make a decision and take your time to find your next home.  Actually, we did just that after one of our home sales and it's proven beneficial!

Rushing through the process and making an impulse buy, when job relocation is not an issue, can have long term negative impacts on many areas of your life.  Take your time, know what you want, and rest assured there will be a home with your name on it when the timing's right!

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