Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Voice of the Agent, "Curb Appeal Counts!"

I've seen it happen before.  An agent schedules a showing, the clients arrive, and the message the house sends from the curb kills the deal, as in the clients won't even go inside!  Working on your curb appeal is like a venue working on their store front.  It needs to be primed and well kept so it draws the buyer in for more....like in this picture!  Don't you want to peek inside?

Light bulbs should be working, grass mowed, weeds pulled, and trash receptacles out of sight.  My big thing, too, is if you have a large front porch, it should have furniture on it.  Porches should be staged as part of the outdoor living of the home, a HUGE plus!

The agent and buyers often stand at your front door or your porch for possibly a few minutes while the agent gets access to the key and unlocks the door.  This is when they notice the little details of caulk, paint, cobwebs, windows, and landscaping all while waiting to go in.  Leaving projects incomplete from the exterior sends a message to the buyer that you've got more on the inside that needs finishing, too!  That's not a good selling feature at any price point!

This curb appeal "Before" has bare grass, unraked leaves, a crooked mailbox, and neglected landscaping.  Buyers form their (negative) opinion before the home gets to show off its stuff!

The new and improved curb appeal welcomes you in and gives this home a new glow.  Buyers are encouraged to approach and enter just from the extra features and color on the exterior.  Investing a little time and money at the curb helps get the SOLD sign up sooner!

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