Thursday, December 22, 2011

Decorated posts, bold doors, and bright lanterns!

We at DM Irish, Realtor® Dan Irish and General Contractor Mindy Irish, celebrate a solid 2011 and look forward to a strong 2012 in housing! 

This picture pretty much sums it all up for us.  The festive decorations on the posts, the bold front door, and the vintage, over sized lantern send a message of welcome and warmth about this home.  Regardless of the down economy, this picture's glow represents our ongoing excitement that we have for the housing industry! 

2011 has been a fantastic year of growth and building blocks for our company.  We traveled to Las Vegas in March for a three-day ERA Real Estate conference.  It was a great opportunity to network, learn new strategies, and review the ones we had in place.

This year brought the revamp of our Building and Design website,, and the birth of our Real Estate website,, as well.  Additionally, we created and developed two new blogs and their associated Facebook pages, DM Irish Real Estate, and our community blog, For You and The Crew.  It's important to us to be a resource on housing and local opportunity to those in our community, and we happily use these blogs as a vehicle for those services.

The groundwork of 2011 will begin to bloom in 2012.  Our foundational posts are decorated with goals, organized and purposeful content, client opportunity, and housing projects in progress.  Our bold front door is represented by our blog, Facebook, and website resources that can be opened and used by many people at anytime.  All this, coupled with our experience and years in the industry, fuels the flame for the glow in our lantern that will shine brightly all year long!

Thankful for 2011 and a hearty welcome to 2012!
To all things house and home.......
~DM Irish

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