Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Home Walk Thru with Realtor and Builder!

Realtor® Dan Irish recently met with one of his buying clients to do a preclosing walk thru on a new construction Beazer home in Westfield.  This walk thru was with the client, agent, and builder for new homeowner education and to answer any questions prior to the home's closing.  Dan took notes and is passing on great info for others considering a new construction home!

-For energy star rated homes, during winter months, open windows slightly on a regular basis to keep condensation off the windows and allow the home to breathe.

-When preparing for winter months, detach all hoses from hose bibs to prevent water from freezing and expanding in the lines and bursting the pipes.

-Take special care of all mechanicals by changing the furnace filters regularly, and following manufacturers recommendations for caring for the water heater. 

-If your garbage disposal gets jammed, use the manufacturer supplied tool to apply to the exterior bottom of the disposal and turn the blades in the reverse to unclog the jam.

If you've got questions about building/buying new construction 
and using a Realtor® in the process, you can always Get In Touch With Dan Here!

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