Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The DM Irish Real Estate Blog!

Once Upon A Time.......
This DM Irish Duo got their start in 2004 building custom homes.  Additional services of home renovations and interior design were added to their line up.  In 2007, Dan got his Real Estate license to help with the buy/sell transactions in their business.  At this point, the DM Irish adventure took a nice turn and Dan's real estate business grew to helping many others buy and sell homes and land in Central Indiana.  In August of 2011, they pulled his real estate division off the DM Irish website and created a new site just for DM Irish Real Estate.

This blog was started to highlight any and all projects that come along the DM Irish path!  House pictures, renovation projects, "Foreclosure Fridays", housing tips.....all things house and real estate will be the content of this blog!

-Dan and Mindy Irish
DM Irish Building and Design

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