Sunday, August 28, 2011

Indianapolis Keystone Towers Demolition

DM Irish took the crew down early to see the Indianapolis Keystone Towers implosion today!  Located off of Fall Creek Road, just south of 46th Street, the towers have seen better days.  We heard the popping of the explosives at 8AM on the dot, bringing the building down quickly and only lasting 15 seconds from start to fall.  We came to see this event because we knew it would intrigue our kids, but also because it's been a housing topic of interest and concern in the Indy area in the past few years.

Behind The Scenes......
Built in 1974, the builder/developer had a vision of a multipurpose building that some say was really ahead of its time.  It housed apartments, offices, retail, entertainment, and parking areas.  Many people called this place home and enjoyed its great views of the tree-lined Fall Creek setting.  Unfortunately over time, the building went through several owners and was struggling to be maintained.  It became a haven for crime and was taken over by the city in 2008, eventually ending in demolish on August 28th, 2011. 

If Walls Could Talk.....
As fascinating as it was, we're saddened by the fact that this was home for many people at one time.  No builder ever spends the time and money to construct a project with this end result.  May the memory of this building be that of those from its better day and we're hopeful for this location to be transformed into a space that enhances this great city!

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