Sunday, July 21, 2013

Preparing to Sell? 5 Staging Tips!

When listing your home on the market, the best thing you can do is spend some time tying up loose ends.  Here are five DM Irish tips to focus on before listing your home.

1.  Work the "Honey-do" or "Punch" List
Take some time to walk room by room and on the exterior and make note of all that needs to be addressed.  Items may include: touch up stain and paint; dust off lights, cob webs; repair screens; replace light bulbs; repair trim, drywall, flooring; dust mantels and decor ledges; weed the beds; basically anything that needs repaired or addressed, then this is the time to get that done.  Buyers do NOT want to inherit your repairs!

2.  Declutter
As you make the repairs, start to sift out all that you don't need.  Less is more when showing your home and the aim is to get the buyers' eyes to fall on the home and not on your things!  Clear off shelves, closets, cabinets and knick knacks.  In closet spaces, aim to leave nothing extra on the floor.  Doing so gives the impression that you've outgrown the home and we want buyers to feel that your space is large and has room to grow.  Create piles of keep, donate, and trash when sorting your items.  You'll be amazed at what you can clear out when using that strategy.  And don't forget the garage, too.  The items in the garage can showcase the storage capacity that that space offers.  

3.  Paint and Update!
You would be surprised what a little updating of colors, flooring and fixtures can do for a home sale.  Buyers are extremely visual and most CAN'T see through the dated wallpaper and brass central to the potential of a space.  Be willing to invest money into taking down dated wall paper, repainting brightly colored rooms and updating lights, bath fixtures and worn flooring.  Bright blue counter tops may have worked for your decor, but for the bulk of buyers, a design choice too far off general appeal will bring you longer days on the market and most likely a much lower sales price than had you taken time to spend money before listing and getting the home up to speed on the updates.  If you have not been updating all along while you owned the home, consider doing so before listing to aim towards getting your best list and sold price!  

4.  Clean, deep clean and clean again!
Buyers do NOT want a home that is dirty.  Once you get the repairs made and extra items out, it's time to clean.  Keeping it clean while listed is equally as important.  Focus on those items at eye level and what is seen in a 15-minute tour through your home.  Putting your energy to the corner behind the cabinet in the basement is not as important as the kitchen, baths and spaces encountered on first impression.  I always coach our clients to focus on switch plates, floors, doors and trim, bath tubs and sinks, kitchen sink and counter tops, and finger prints on doors and windows for example.  Additionally, get the carpets cleaned and restretch any loose areas.  The cleaner the better!  

5.  Furniture and Decor
Keep your walk ways wide and err on the side of having less furniture in a room and less decor on the walls and shelves.  Your goal is to enable the buyer to see themselves and their things in your home all while not focusing on your items.  That can be done by putting less of your things in the home!  If a space is meant to be a dining room, make sure a table is in that room.  If a space is meant for an office, mom's room, exercise room or play space, make sure to stage it accordingly.  Keep the kitchen and bath counters clear.  Clear items off your bulletin boards and fridge front.  Remember, less is more!

These are just a few of our staging tips for getting your home ready for the market.  When listing with Realtor Dan Irish, a staging walk and talk with Mindy is included in his listing package.  We walk room by room and discuss all the above and more so you can be ready to list and sell!  

The market is really heating up and now is a great time to sell and buy.  To start that process, or for a complimentary market analysis on your property, contact Dan at 317.910.4293 or!  Visit our websites, real estate blog, facebook page and community websites by visiting!

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