Friday, April 20, 2012

The Voice of the Agent: Patience Pays Off!

Finding the right home can be quite the task.  Likely you and your agent are scouring the internet and the Broker's Listing system to see what's available in your parameters. You have your mental or written list in tow and you set out on the search.  Sometimes you might find just "the home" on the first day out, but for others it may take many, many showings.  If you're like my family, it may take a year and 150 homes plus (and still counting!) to find it!  That story is for another blog post!

My best advice is to know exactly what you want, know what you will and will not compromise, and above all, have patience and an open mind.  When we go in with too many specifics to hit, we might miss a really spectacular find.  Focus on what can be changed like paint, a wall removal, and decor, and also factor in what you cannot change like location, proximity to schools and shopping, and the neighborhood. 

Overall be realistic and be prepared to see it all.  After having shown so many homes in all different price points and conditions, nothing really shocks me anymore.  But, I do know a great deal and a good home when we find one!  My hope for you is that you'll get that "Ah-ha....this is it" feeling when we do find just the one!

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