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Planning for HSE HS Growth 3.22.12

Hamilton Southeastern Schools - Planning for High School Enrollment Growth 

Last night I attended the open informational presentation of how HSE schools will handle the growth we've experienced over the last decade that will hit the HS level by 2015.

The presenters were: Superintendent Dr. Smith, CFO Mike Reuter, Fishers HS Principal Jason Urban, Fishers Assistant Principal Valarie Piehl, and Hamilton Southeaster HS Principal Matt Kegley.

Below I have posted all the slides from the presentation and I'll comment with more info/details when appropriate.  Feel free to call or email me to ask any other questions.

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Executive Summary
Due to the feedback from the community, parents, kids, staff, etc from the initial third high school site proposal that was to be selective in its nature, the administration has come up with another option called Senior Academies.  

These Academies will be new additions to each high school.   All Seniors will be in these facilities that will be ready to open in 2015 if it goes as planned.  The goal is to have a more collegiate and student union feel to give the seniors the opportunity to learn how to manage their time and new freedom while still in a fairly controlled atmosphere.  They liken it to a transition program that will blur the lines between the "end" of high school and what lies ahead for the students, whether it be entering college or entering the job force.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for students to take classes that will count as dual credits for high school, but also for collegiate level classes.  Theoretically, a senior could graduate from HSE and enter college as a SOPHOMORE!  With a year of state college costing around $20,000, that is a big deal.  While not all the costs have been worked out, if there is a fee for those courses, it will be small in comparison to the cost of the actual college price.

In summary, from my perspective as a REALTOR®, this will be a great addition to our community.  It will take Fishers to another level in state and national prominence and continue to maintain and increase our property values.

Slides and Comments

Explanation of costs.  Shows a third high school is much more expensive and not needed at this time.  Also shows that the Academies might only be a little more costly.

Showing how our growth has slowed and almost stopped.

Hard to read, but the red is Fishers High, green is HSE High boundaries.  The blue star in the middle of the green is 160 acres that HSE purchased a few years ago in anticipation of a third high school site.  All the blue little dots are homes with high school students.

Basic explanation.  Grades 9-11 will be allowed into the Senior Academies for advanced courses.

More explanation...

additional explanation

Showing how an onsite expansion accomplishes some key objectives.

Separate parking, entrances, cafeteria, lockers etc, just for the seniors...wouldn't that have been nice!

Class examples...


and more...

and yet more!

Explanation of a concept for a cumulative senior opportunity called a Capstone Project


Showing that at best (IU of course) only 49.4% of students graduate in four years.  So if you can knock off at least one class all the way up to the entire first year of college, how helpful would that be, parents??!!

Most, if not all, of the cost can be covered via the state... 

A little complicated but the essence is that we'll have the capacity by the time we need it at the start of the  2015-2016 school year


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