Friday, February 24, 2012

The Voice of the Agent: "The Scoop on Kitchens and Baths"

When you walk a home and view it for your family, you’re taking all things into consideration.  Layout, flooring, location, price, and……condition!  You’ve heard it said a million times that investing into your kitchens and baths will pay off in the long run.  While it is quite possible to over improve for your price point, making wise choices with updates to your kitchens and baths is your best investment for your home overall.

Why is that?  Those areas involving plumbing, electrical, flooring, cabinets, and bottom line, functionality, really add up and hold weight in a home.  Not only do they cost a ton of money to operate, update, and maintain, it’s the heart of the home and it’s where owners spend a lot of time on a daily basis.  Having those primed and ready to go when your home goes live on the market is always a plus and it’s one less thing (with 15+ areas attached) that buyers will have to complete.  Unless it’s a distressed sale, no one wants to buy a home with an attached to-do list.  If you’ve ever seen a home sit and linger on the market before, I’d wager to say they’re outdated on the kitchens and baths AND they unrealistically want way too much money for the home.  That’s a recipe for a slow sale!

Planning a move soon or maybe in the next five years?  I encourage you to have me out to discuss your home’s value and I’ll bring my wife Mindy along, too.  She runs the General Contracting and design side of our business and together we can give you complimentary tips to get you started on your home improvements.  Want to take your projects to the next level and not sure where to start?  Mindy consults with clients to help renovate their small projects and she might be a good fit for your next overhaul!  Planning for your next redo….now that’s time well spent!

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