Friday, February 10, 2012

The Voice of the Agent: "How to time up a sell and buy."

How do we get this all to work out just perfectly?  We're trying to get our home ready for the market, listed, sold, and then shop for a new one, offer, and purchased.  Whew....How does this all pan out?

The complex, scientific answer to that is: One step and one day at a time!  And, it's not scientific at all.  There is no magic formula that says if you list by this date, at this price, that this many buyers will see your home and this many offers will come through by this certain date.  Really, it can be all about a hurry-up-and-sit-and-wait type of process, but add in a little patience on the side of all parties and we're off to a great start!

It takes time to get your home ready to sell and you want to do it properly and not in a rush.  Buyers can see the little things that get missed or are done carelessly.  You want to be priced competitively so your home is not too high in the range for your area.  And, over the course of your ownership, we're hopeful that you've kept the home maintained and updated with the times.  That really helps in the sale of the home!

You can look at homes for sale while yours is listed, but if you're not in a position to buy before selling, you could be setting yourself up for some heartache.  Just know that in due time with your proper price and condition, that your home will sell and your buyer will come along just when the next home that's meant for you is ready for you.  Easier said than done, I  know!

We live in a world of instant, hurry up and get it done.  In housing, it just isn't so.  This is your biggest investment and you've spent a lot of time and money on this property.  So don't expect a deal to happen and be complete in a few days.  Sure that happens on occasion, but in this market, bottom line, it just takes time!  Rest assured, too, that not every one that comes through your home has to love and beg for it to be theirs.  We don't have to impress all the buyers, just one!  It just takes one buyer to get the deal done!

When it's all said and done, the best equation comes from a well-priced home in excellent condition, a diligent Realtor®, an educated and patient client, and a happy buyer.  Mix it all in with a little time and a dash of patience on top and we're sitting at SOLD!


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