Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Voice of the Agent: "Rates Are Great"

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"Rates Are Great!"
Really, that's an understatement.  We're seeing historical lows and coupled with lower home
pricing and a nice inventory to shop, it's become the perfect buying storm!  It's truly a great time to get in the game! 

Need a quick way to figure a monthly principal payment?  If rates are at 4%, for example, you can figure $4 for every $1000 borrowed.  So if you borrow $200,000 for example, that would be $4 x 200, for a monthly principal payment of $800.  Then add in rates for monthly taxes, insurance, and HOA and PMI payments if those apply.

So you're thinking, "Rates are great, and I can likely find a great home in my price range, but they say it's a terrible time to sell a home, right?"  I've always said that your home can't sell if it's not on the market!  If you're priced right, and you've maintained and updated your home along the way, it will sell, and maybe even faster than you'd expect!  It's worth a try!  I see a lot of clients looking to down size or resize, and this is the perfect time to do that!

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