Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Voice of the Agent: "Never Buy A Home You Can't Sell"

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"Never Buy A Home You Can't Sell"

Attempted to show a property in downtown Indianapolis recently, and from the window peeks and online pictures, it had undergone a fabulous renovation!  It had restored hardwoods, a finished third story, and a gorgeous new kitchen.  It had been listed for nearly two years and undergone $200k in price drops, so I had to learn more.  Pulling up to the curb, my questions were soon answered. 

No matter how pretty the inside was, the vacant lots and run down homes surrounding it were killing the deal from the get go.  When shopping for a home, the location and setting are equally as important to the interior finishes of a home as well. 
Buy smart, buy for your future investment, and never buy a home you can't sell!

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